Update--Bernie Brew Recall

After listening to a few of you on the thread of this post, we decided that it makes sense to recall the Bernie Brew.
We created a beer that keeps fermenting if left on the shelf and not refrigerated, which can make that beer get foamy or can ultimately rupture the can, and that means you as a customer aren't getting what you paid for (technically you're getting extra C02, but that's something you weren’t expecting) and that's our fault.
So...we've emailed our retail partners to tell them we're doing a recall, but haven't yet heard from them as to what their discount policies are. We don't want to speak out of turn, so here's the plan:
If you have unopened or ruptured cans of Bernie Brew, please return them to the store you purchased them from for a refund. If they have a generous return policy, then you should get your money back at that time (we will ultimately reimburse the store).
If they don't have a return policy, then please give them your mailing address, phone number, and the number of cans you are returning, and they will give us that info and we will facilitate getting your money back.
We learned our lesson--we're not gonna brew pastry stouts anymore until we know how to do it safely, and  it we're not going to pass the buck on a refrigeration excuse when we *should* know how to brew a beer that doesn't keep fermenting if stored at room temperature:) Thanks all for your feedback...Our FB community is very good at letting us know when we need to self-correct, and we have learned a long time ago to listen.