#ToxicTomTiffany is at it Again--This Time as an Anti-Vaxxer

Well, #toxictomtiffany is at is again. Instead of voting to pollute our lakes and streams, or helping cause an insurrection that almost vanquished our democracy, this #northwoods intellectual giant is now spouting off about how he thinks his own adult daughters shouldn't get the vaccine, directly contradicting the CDC and undermining our ability to eradicate the virus, save lives, and get our economy back.
We rest our case. This guy has got to go.
And until we get Fair Maps that will balance the district lines and not unfairly give Tiffany an electoral advantage, we have to try to convince our neighbors to stop reading the alt-right Lakeland Times and instead read @upnorthnewswi or listen to the Up North Podcast, which is being recorded tonight and will be released on Saturday Morning. Subscribe here: upnorthpodcast.com
And here's a reminder, if you absolutely can't stand Tom Tiffany and his rejection of all things scientific, logical, and generally good for people, the only way to get him out is to ban gerrymandering in Wisconsin. You can do your part by drinking Fair Maps IPA, or getting yourself a Fair Maps t-shirt. 5% of the profits of these items are being spent to fight gerrymandering, and we've already spent $30K to educate voters in Hudson, Wausau, and Rhinelander about gerrymandering and to call their Republican legislators to demand Fair Maps. You gotta buy the beer in stores, but you can buy a t-shirt here: