Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany are Undermining Public Faith in Covid Vaccine

Although we are a brewery and would MUCH PREFER to just take pictures of the #progressivebeer starting to get delivered around the state today through Friday, we think its appropriate to use our platform to try to make positive political change in our communities #upnorth.
That's why we endorsed Jill Underly for State Superintendent of Public Instruction yesterday, and that's why we're going to remind everyone today that the Northwoods of Wisconsin arguably is represented by the worst politicians in the country.
Case in point: From a scientific and economic standpoint, all Americans should get vaccinated ASAP. According to Dr. Fauci, if we hit at least 80% vaccination among our population, then we'll hit herd immunity (yes that's phrase tossed around so cavalierly over the last year) and fewer people will die or suffer from the effects of Covid.
Furthermore, for all those "but-the-economy-will-die-if-we-close-bars" conservatives, the sooner we all get the vaccine, then sooner that bars, restaurants, and our economy can FULLY recover instead of limping along at 25% capacity.
In short, there's no logical argument for every American to not get the vaccine ASAP.
Yet our federal legislators, Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany, are doing their best to undermine public confidence in the vaccine.
In this New York Times article from a few days ago, reporter Reid Epstein goes through a litany of all the different ways that Ron Johnson has peddled misinformation that harms Americans, and includes the multiple times he has smugly suggested about the vaccine, "There's still so much we don't know about this," which sows doubt among Americans about the proven vaccine science.
And in Congress, CNN recently recently asked each member if they had received the vaccine, and 145 Republican congressmen refused to answer. Although the articles we've read don't name these congressmen directly, we're pretty sure Tom Tiffany is among that 145. If he isn't, then please, anyone reading this, send us proof.
Why would any congressperson not answer this question?
It is just plain shady and cowardly to not answer if you are a politician who is supposed to be representing hundreds of thousands of constituents.
To answer this question tells your constituents whether or not you believe that getting the vaccine will save lives and improve the economy, or that you don't believe the vaccine works and that you believe Covid is a hoax. Either way, your constituents should know what side you're on.
To not answer the question shows that you are simply afraid to say whether you've been vaccinated or not. You're afraid because you don't want to incur the wrath of your constituents who think the virus is a hoax but also plan on getting the vaccine because you don't want to get Covid.
We couldn't say it better than this quote in from the Daily Kos
" succumbing to this fear [of not admitting whether they've been vaccinated] and refusing to reveal their status, they’re implicitly and deliberately placing their own political interests above the lives of their constituents."
In a recent Pew Research Center study, Republicans are 27 percentage points less likely than Democrats to say they plan to get, or have already received, a vaccine.
The Republican rank and file need LEADERSHIP from their party's leaders to embrace the vaccine to get America back on track.
Instead, once again, they're get pandering, misinformation, and cowardice from Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany.
Northern Wisconsinites, these guys HAVE TO GO.