Ready to Sell Beer in the Wisconsin Valley Athletic Conference

Hey there, this is Kirk, breaking through the wall of corporate anonymity, because I’m gonna talk about a subject near and dear to my heart: the Wisconsin Valley Athletic Conference.
This athletic conference in the middle of Wisconsin regularly punches WAY ABOVE its weight in sports across the state.
This conference includes schools from Wausau, Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids, Merrill, and of course, my alma mater, SPASH (Stevens Point Area Senior High).
Now many of us can remember SPASH’s basketball dominance in 2015-16, winning the state championship for 2 straight years and surprising a lot of people because a town of 26K people usually can’t support a basketball team that regularly beats the powerhouse athletic schools in Milwaukee and Madison.
Now I can’t verify this with scientific proof, but I’m guessing their athletic dominance is linked to the fact that Stevens Point is the only city that consistently votes progressive in the whole conference:)
Another thing you might not know is that the SPASH Cross Country team, led by Donn Behnke, might be the winningest team in Wisconsin’s history of sport. They’ve won 10 state championships since 1980 and have basically made it to the state tournament for 40 straight years. And last but certainly not least, they have a ruggedly handsome assistant coach named Kevin Hopp.
Yeah, let’s be honest, this is not really an article about the Wisconsin Valley Conference--it’s a puff piece about my high school and especially about my old cross country team that I’m using to recruit new retail partners.
So let’s cut to the chase. We just landed a retail partner in Wausau yesterday (thanks again Downtown Grocery), but now it’s time to focus on Marshfield, Rapids, Merrill, and Stevens Point. We’re ready to deliver to you.
Here’s how it goes guys. If you live in these towns and want to be able to buy #progressivebeer, please let us know which stores we should work with, and please call them and ask them to carry our beer.
Oh, and while you're at it, go buy coaching legend Donn Behnke’s book, called the “Animal Keepers.” The link is below.