No Unity until These Guys Stop Lying

Most of you reading this know that the Minocqua Brewing Company started a Super PAC on January 4th, immediately after our Federal representatives Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany voted against the stimulus package that would help thousands of Wisconsin bars, restaurants, and brewpubs stay alive through the pandemic winter.
We weren't going to take that stab in the back lying down, and promised to do whatever we could to get these guys out of office.
Then almost immediately after we started the Super PAC, the both of them fanned the flames of the insurrection that killed 6 capitol police officers and almost vanquished our democracy by repeating the BIG LIE that the presidential election was rigged.
We put up billboards on HWY 29 and 51, two huge thoroughfares in the #northwoods, reminding people what these two guys did
But we had to wait to put up a billboard in the other most populous area of Northern Wisconsin, St. Croix County, because there weren't any available spaces to rent.
Well our billboard just went up yesterday near River Falls (check out the pic below) and it couldn't have come at a better time, because our own Toxic Tom Tiffany had a listening session in nearby Hudson earlier in the week, and he spewed lies like a firehose spews water. Here are couple doozies:
1. Young People aren't susceptible to Covid (false, they get it and pass it along to older people who can die from it).
2. No one under the age of 19 has died from Covid (False, 2 people in Wisconsin have).
3. He advised his adult daughters not to get the vaccine, and said the vaccine testing was rushed and implied the vaccine wasn't safe (false, it was indeed created at lightening speed but has been approved by all associated scientific and regulatory bodies).
4. He basically told people to boycott small businesses that enforced mask wearing in their establishments, an appalling statement to make when most small businesses are reeling from the pandemic. This rhetoric parrots the "upside-down" world of misinformation that kept all sane people's heads spinning during the Trump administration.
So yes, this guy is dangerous, especially because studies are showing that up to 50% of Republican white men, his base, refuse to get vaccinated because they believe the lies that this guy and the Trump cult are spewing, which will prolong this pandemic and keep crushing our economy.
Our Super PAC has raised over $150K since January through your donations and from all the beer and merch you've purchased, because 5% of all of our profits go straight to the cause.
Why do we spend so much time and money on a Super PAC instead of just keeping our heads down and making beer?
Because the small county Democratic parties aren't strong enough to fight these lying politicians on their own, and the alt-right local newspapers keep the people who don't pay enough attention #upnorth misinformed, thus perpetuating the status quo where the rich get richer and a growing percentage of us get poorer.
We've spent thousands of dollars on billboards, radio ads, and through our partnership with Citizens Action of Wisconsin to call voters and educate them on the dangers of gerrymandering that keep vile congressmen like Tom Tiffany in office.
If you appreciate what we're doing, please keep drinking our beer and wearing our gear. Our beer retail partners are listed here, and you can buy merch here.
And if you want your donation to go further, no need to buy anything from us. Please donate directly to our Super PAC here
From the federal stimulus bill to the mask wearing that will get our economy back on track, the only party that is helping small businesses like ours is the Democratic Party, and we are being constantly punched in the gut by these lying Republican cowards who hide under Trump's umbrella of crazy talk.
If small businesses want to thrive again, we have to stick our necks out and become political.
Why? because these guys, although they claim otherwise, don't give a crap about small businesses. They only care about the huge corporations who line their pockets.
We may lose a few customers in the short run, but the war against our democracy, if won by these traitors, will ultimately hurt us MUCH WORSE than than Trumpers trolling our Facebook Pages.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for believing in a better Wisconsin.