Introducing the New and Improved Bernie Brew!

Ok so we're still quite embarrassed that our first incarnation of Bernie Brew was not only a "Lovingly Irascible Democratic Socialist Milk Stout," but it also was prone to blowing up in your cupboards.
Yeah, our pastry stout literally exploded onto the scene a few months ago, and we hastily put out a recall after our customers started sending pictures of distended cans and beer-soaked ceilings.
As we mentioned before, our addition of Vermont and Wisconsin maple syrup to the stout, while seemingly a fun idea to glorify our favorite Democratic Socialist senator, added so much sugar to the brew that if left at room temperature, it kept fermenting which released Co2 and caused enough pressure to rupture some cans.
We felt bad for doing Bernie so dirty, so we put out a call to all of you to redo Bernie Brew into another beer type, and you resoundingly answered in unison--make it a lager.
Of course #berniebrew has to be a lager. The man is about as un-fancy as you can be, and he's all about lifting up the working class. He should never have had a fru-fru pastry stout to begin with. He should have a beer for the common man, and that's a good old-fashioned lager.
So folks, in the next few weeks, you'll start seeing our new incarnation of Bernie Brew on the shelves.
If you agree that all Americans should have universal healthcare, then you'll probably appreciate this universal Bernie Brew Lager.
But...if you want to get one last sip of the old version of Bernie Brew, we know first hand that there's still some left at the Harmony Bar in Madison.
Get it before its gone, because you'll never taste that
#progressivebeer flavor from us again.