Introducing our Newest Release: "Tammy Shandy--One of Wisconsin's Many Treasures"

Yes, that time has come for us to celebrate our U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. And because she’s such a pillar of progressive politics in Wisconsin, we’ve made a seasonal beer for her that will come back again and again every summer.

Introducing our newest creation…

“Tammy Shandy: One of Wisconsin’s Many Treasures.”

It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Of course Tammy’s gonna have a Shandy. She’s to Wisconsin as a weissbier with lemonade is to boating #upnorth—part of the package.

Senator Baldwin is there for Wisconsin at every turn—fighting for farmers, fighting for small business owners, fighting for those falling through the cracks, fighting for the 99%.

After years of constantly traveling around the state and listening to her constituents (which is no longer the norm for most politicians), we know she’s pulling for us in the hallowed halls of our nation’s Capitol.

At this point, Tammy Baldwin has become one of Wisconsin’s many treasures—like beer and cheese. And that’s why we put all three of them on a can.

There are a few other “hidden treasures” on the label that are unique to Wisconsin as well. Can you figure out what they are?

“Tammy Shandy: One of Wisconsin’s Many Treasures” will be in stores near you starting the last week of July.