We're Taking the Waukesha School Board to Court

As of this morning, a class action federal lawsuit funded by the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC has been filed against the Waukesha School Board, its members, and the superintendent for not adhering to CDC guidelines for proper masking, social distancing, contact tracing, and quarantining.
A further complaint will be filed later today asking a federal judge in Wisconsin's Eastern District to grant an immediate injunction to force Waukesha to comply with CDC guidelines and to identify all the other school districts in the Eastern District similarly not following these guidelines to be included in this defendant class.
We hope that the mere threat of damages that school districts currently overrun by the Trump Cult may have to pay to their communities for willfully causing daily Covid super spreader events will trigger their insurance companies to force them to comply with CDC guidelines or lose their insurance.
Regardless, we hope this action will give sane school board members and superintendents the courage they need to stand up to the anti-masking Trump Cult being fomented by conservative talk radio and alt right media, and continue doing what they did last year to protect students, families, teachers, and their communities from unnecessary Covid infection.
Our lawyers are still working on a class action lawsuit in the Western District of Wisconsin and plan to file it late this week or early next week.
We raised over $50K last week to pay lawyers, infectious disease experts, and epidemiologists to work around the clock to prepare this case. If we get a temporary injunction in a few weeks, that money we raised might be enough and could buy Wisconsin schools a few months until the FDA approves the vaccine for children, at which point we wouldn't need to continue the lawsuit.
If we don't get an injunction and this case drags on longer, it could require more resources.
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Let's make Wisconsin Covid Free Again, One Beer at a Time!