Check out this Week's Up North Podcast Discussing Enbridge's Line 5 Oil Pipeline

Check out this week's Up North Podcast: What DOES and DOESN'T belong Up North.


This episode starts off with a bunch of fun stories from a reporter who spent a few weeks up north and wrote about it.

If you want to stay in a light-hearted mood, we'd recommend just listening to the first part:)

The last two parts of this podcast talk about the the oil pipeline being rerouted through the Chequamegon Bay area, and the efforts by local activists to stop it.

Enbridge is a Canadian Oil Company that has a pretty bad record of spilling oil over the last 10 years, so there's just no reason for Northern Wisconsin to REWARD them by letting them put a pipeline in a beautiful and fragile ecosystem.

And catch this: This oil isn't even going to the U.S., the pipeline dips into America but got BACK into Canada where it finally ends up there.

Last but not least, our self-proclaimed but appropriately named Wisconsin Mama Bear, Sarah Yacoub, talks about the "Mean Girl" moment that made news in the Capitol last week and what that says about the culture of our Republican majority legislature, and of course why we should reject that "Mean Girl" culture whenever it rears its ugly head.