Beer in Eau Claire, Food Stamps, Tribal Love, and Gerrymandering

Folks, get ready for a ride, because life is never dull when you're selling #progressivebeer while poking the Old Boys Network in Wisconsin's #northwoods.
I'm gonna ask you to donate money to battle gerrymandering at the end of this email, so prepare yourselves for that, but here's some less painful and fun news first.
First off, I'm taking a road trip next week to convince retailers to help sell my #progressivebeer in Eau Claire, Hudson, Wausau, and Appleton. We've finally got the brewing capacity and delivery drivers to get beer closer to progressives in those areas, so if you're one of these potential customers, please help us by encouraging your favorite store to carry our beer.
Next, we breathed a sigh of relief when we found out that Governor Evers saved almost $70 million in federal food assistance that our Republican legislators inadvertently lost when they sued to overturn his mask mandate and the conservative WI Supreme Court ruled in their favor.
Even though Evers' saved the day, we reminded voters across the Northwoods that their legislators played a role in almost denying food to over 200K hungry kids and seniors during a pandemic and economic emergency.
Listen to the ads below:
-#Wausau: WAVL Radio asking voters to call Jerry Petrowski, Pat Snyder, and John Spiros. 
-#Rhinelander: WRJO Radio asking voters to call Mary Felzkowski and Covid Swamp Monster Rob Swearingen
-#Hudson: WDGY Radio asking voters to call Rob Stafsholt and Shannon Zimmerman.
Now for some lame news. Because the MBC Super PAC is now a known progressive group #UpNorth, people sent us some really disturbing videos of Native Americans being harassed while engaging in their hard-fought treaty right to spearfish.
That harassment stuck in our craw because that's the same type of racial crap we saw rear its ugly head all over this area after Trump got elected, so we posted a useful graph on our FB account, which as of now has been shared over 300 times and has been seen by over 30K people, hopefully educating those inclined to listen to fake news that there's absolutely nothing wrong with tribal spearfishing.
We also talked about it on our podcast that aired live on Madison's Devil Radio, 92.7.
Now for the Gerrymandering update.
We think the rigging of our elections through gerrymandering was/is the defining issue of Wisconsin for the last and next decade--20 years--if we don't smash and burn it with every ounce of our souls before lines are drawn next fall by Wisconsin's Republican majority.
The cheating the Republicans did in 2011 allowed them make our state WAY TOO MUCH like Mississippi over the last 10 years. They cheated their way to huge majorities that allowed them to decimate unions, public schools, and starve government SO MUCH that many of our roads have turned to dust.
As you hopefully remember, we raised $30K from you to start a program with Citizen Action of Wisconsin to call voters in some of the largest Northern Wisconsin cities--Hudson, Rhinelander, and Wausau--to educate them about the ills of gerrymandering.
Here's an update:
As we mentioned last week, the result of these calls have been astounding. We've made about 8K calls, and about 50% of those who agreed that voting districts should be drawn transparently by a nonpartisan group were so disgusted when they learned their Republican legislators disagreed with that basic concept that they were willing to pick up the phone and demand those legislators vote for fair maps.
That's why we think this work is important. If Republicans refuse to respond to an OVERWHELMING majority of their constituents demanding they stop cheating and vote for Fair Maps, we think voters will get mad enough to actually vote them out of office.
So we've decided to extend our project another two months and call another 20K voters, which will cost another $30K.
We'd love your help in raising this money. The easiest way to do that is to buy our Fair Maps IPA or associated Merchandise.
If you want more of your dollars going directly to this cause, you don’t have to buy anything and can donate directly to the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC here
If you HATE Super PACs and don’t trust us, then by all means donate directly to Citizen Action of Wisconsin. This link is coded so that your donation will go directly to fund this project. 
Thanks for caring about Wisconsin. This state isn't supposed to be as crooked as it has become, and if we remember our roots and focus on shouting the truth as loudly as possible, we can stomp out the corruption and get back to being proud of our Badger state.
Kirk Bangstad, Owner of MBC and MBC Super PAC