A Spring Rebirth for the Minocqua Brewing Company and Super PAC

The warmer temps and melting lakes are giving us feelings of revitalization and rebirth.
We've been working hard all winter on some projects that are now beginning to see the light and want to share some of them with you.
First, we started the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC on January 4th as a way to make politics cleaner in Northern Wisconsin, and many of our early accomplishments wouldn't have been possible without the help of our new Executive Director, Sarah Yacoub, who we're introducing publicly for the first time.
For many Wisconsinites, this isn't the first time you've heard of Sarah. She was the 2020 Democratic nominee for State Assembly in District 30, which includes St. Croix and Pierce counties. Like many of us who ran in this last cycle and lost, she learned first-hand how Wisconsin's Republican Party has become a disfigured shell of its former self by embracing corruption, racism, and misinformation. She wanted to keep fighting for her community, and since her goals fit perfectly with ours, she joined us.
Before moving to Wisconsin with her husband, Sarah was a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County and uses that experience to lead the Super PAC as well as provide no-cost legal representation to survivors of trauma and working families in her area.
Sarah's hard-hitting, no nonsense but empathetic style is exactly what we need to create a more progressive Northwoods.
Sarah, we SO happy to have you onboard.
Next up, we're excited to share our second episode of the Up North Podcast entitled "Squeaky Cheese and Smoked Meat."
Although this is a fun project for me, especially because I get to team up with the brilliant and funny Pat Kreitlow of Up North News and Kristin Brey of As Goes Wisconsin, the goal for this podcast is more than just being a vehicle for light-hearted Wisconsin-themed banter.
For too long, the Northwoods has been plagued by newspapers that have long-since dispensed with the notion of "balance" and instead regurgitate the misinformation of the alt-right to our communities. I saw this when I ran for State Assembly and wanted to do something about it. Knowing Pat was in the business of journalism "Up North," I called him up, and he was already way ahead of me.
"Kirk, starting a podcast focused on Northern Wisconsin politics has been on my radar ever we created Up North News. I'd love to do this with you."
And so the wheels started turning, and I'm still not sure how we landed up-and-coming comedic superstar Kristin Brey as our third contributor, but I count my lucky stars that she's with us. Take a listen and you'll know exactly what I mean.
So there's our update. From the ashes of electoral and business defeat sprang ideas of how to move Northern Wisconsin forward within the confines of a legislative minority.
We believe we are making a difference up here and hope you do too.
If you appreciate the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC for our focus on how to bring the Northwoods forward progressively, please consider donating here.
And remember, 5% of our profits from selling beer and merchandise are donated to our Super PAC. Here's a link to our online store.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for caring about Wisconsin. We can and will get this state back on track, we just have to believe that we can make a change.