80% of Wisconsinites Ignored in Supreme Courts Vote to Uphold Gerrymandering

Apparently it doesn't matter that 56 counties representing 80% of the Wisconsin population voted for fair maps over the last 10 years.
The extremely partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled yesterday to override Governor Ever's veto of the Republican's highly gerrymandered maps.
This is the same supreme court that voted to overturn Evers' Badger Bounce Back plan and mask mandate, turning Wisconsin in a Covid Wild West, where we just surpassed the 9K death toll mark, and where the vast majority of the 1.5K deaths since June 1, when the vaccine has been readily available, have been among the unvaccinated.
Wisconsin's broken democracy has been compared to that of Jordan, Bahrain, and the Congo.
This ruling just threatened to break our democracy for another decade, unless a federal court intervenes and overrules Wisconsin's Supreme Court.
Yesterday was a bad day for Wisconsin, among many, many other bad days.
We've got a little hope left, but not a lot, but rest assured the Minocqua Brewing Company will NEVER let #UpNorth voters forget what is being done to them, its all we can do.
Sorry, no catchy mottos or storytelling today. It's a bad day.