Perform, Work & Enjoy Summer

It’s a numbers game. Our quaint little town
of Minocqua explodes with summer
residents and tourists, and with it so too
does the demand for labor in the bar and
restaurant business. The Summer Music
Festival is a way to provide college
musicians the ability to showcase their
talents on stage 10 hours a week and earn
money as valuable members of our kitchen
staff for 30 hours a week. We have found
already in our first year that the program is
a win-win.
The idea is simple. Come work for the
Minocqua Brewing Company, gain valuable
stage experience at one of Wisconsin’s
most sought-after live music destinations
and stash away some money to help with
tuition or the cost of attending school.
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Performance Experience

You’ve spent hours in the practice room
working out all the technical kinks, and
played recitals in concert halls to friends
and colleagues who think you’re great.
That’s wonderful but in the world of
performance, you have to try and connect
with every crowd by engaging them from
start to finish, filling musical gaps with that
special “it” after you put your instrument
down. Spending the summer on the MBC
stage will allow you to become a fearless
performer and help you connect with your
true artistic self.

Summer Housing

Calling the Minocqua area home during the
summer months could be one of the most
underrated benefits to becoming a team
member at MBC. As one of the most
beautiful places to live not just in
Wisconsin, but the entire United States, the
Lakeland area is home to the world’s
largest grouping of freshwater lakes, and is
within minutes of both the Chequamegon
National and Northern Highland American
Legion State Forest. For someone who loves
the outdoors, water sports, hiking, biking
and much more, the opportunities are
Students have the opportunity to become
one of the family by taking part in events at
the Minocqua Brewing Company and also
events in the area which make summers so
magical here. Placement is based on a
first- come-first-serve basis. For more

A message from the owner:

My name is Kirk Bangstad, and my wife and
I own the Minocqua Brewing Company.
After growing up in Stevens Point and
graduating from Harvard, I went to
Northwestern to purse a graduate degree in
vocal performance as a tenor. My
professional career landed me in New York
City and enabled me to travel around the
world. Now that I own the brewery, I want
to bring great music to Minocqua and hope
you can help me do that on our stage in the
Divano Lounge.

Testimonials …

Ricardo Jiminez“It’s an opportunity I
was fortunate to have available as a student.”
Valerie Evans“Minocqua is one of the
most amazing locations to live and work.”
Faith Hatch“The stage, ambience of the
lounge and guests are amazing.”