Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Minocqua Brewing Company?

A: We have relocated to 329 Front Street in Minocqua, but you can buy our beer through our retails outlets listed here or through mail order by going here.


Q: What Beers are Currently being sold at the Minocqua Brewing Company?

A: Click Here to See Our Beer List.


Q: Does Minocqua Brewing Company Feature Live Music?

A: Because we’re still fighting with the Town of Minocqua to become the venue we want to be, we won’t be offering live music for 2022.


Q: Do You Serve Food?

A: We no longer serve food, we are purely a Brewery that sells our beer and merchandise.


Q: Can I book an event at your brewery?

A: Not for 2022, because we’re fighting with the Town of Minocqua to be the venue we want to be.


Q: Are you Hiring?

A: If you love our mission and believe you can be a valuable asset to our team, contact us at