November 16


06:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Minocqua Brewing Company

Popular Bluegrass Band from Eau Claire once again comes Up North to the MInocqua Brewing Company

When you meet Them Coulee Boys (say, in the dark days of a Wisconsin winter for beers at Eau Claire’s legendary townie dive bar, The Joynt) you can’t help but to cheer for them. You may even want to somehow throw down the deliriously boring shackles of your own life and become their roadie, or perhaps a pure-of-heart groupie. You certainly want to buy them a pitcher of beer, or, at the very least, their albums. They are, as Royal Tenenbaum once said, “true blue”. They’re the kind of guys who would (if you were on friendly terms) play at your wedding, help you move a shitty secondhand couch on a hot July afternoon, or pick up for you in the blurry, bloody moments of a bar-fight. Knowing this makes it all the easier to identify with their music, because you’re not just listening to it – you feel connected to it.

Doors open at 6 pm

Opening Band TBA: 7-8 pm

Them Coulee Boys: 8:30 pm