Craft beer is what we’re about at Minocqua Brewing Co. MBC is a Wisconsin-born microbrewery and brewpub offering select hand-craft beers brewed on-site in our 7-1/2 Barrel Brewhouse. Head Brewer Ted Briggs’ passion continues to shine through in our five flagship brews; Largemouth Blonde, Minocqua Pale Ale, Road Kill Red, Bear Naked Brown and Pudgy Possum Porter. With that, his seasonal and off-beat recipes are some of the best in the industry. Our craft beer is what makes us the best bar in Minocqua!

Largemouth Blonde

Kolsh-style Ale
OG of 11, 10 IBUs, and 4.7% abv.
Kolsh is defined by its brewing process which is an all fermented at lower temperatures like a lager. This results in a very drinkable, crisp clean beer. Made with a sprinkle of both German and American hops and malts. It is both light in hops and malt but is considerably more flavorful than a mass-produced Light beer. A light bodied, refreshing golden ale. Well balanced and slightly malty. This beer goes great with lighter foods, salads and fish.

Minocqua Pale Ale

American Pale Ale
OG of 12.5, 35 IBU’s and 5.3% abv.
A classic style Pale with American malts and a tun of American aroma hops. It is dry hopped for extra aroma. The slightly sweet maltyness and firm body, along with a refreshing hoppy finish make this a great “session ale”. One to have, when you have more than one. It goes well with most foods and has a pleasing bitterness that will come though when eating heavier fare.

Roadkill Red

Amber Ale
OG of 14, 15 IBU’s and 5.5% abv.
This is a hybrid of Irish Amber Ale and American Craftbrewed Amber beers. This amber is both drinkable and tasty, with pleasing hoppiness and smooth maltiness. Its color and flavor come from caramel malts and a touch of dark malts. These give it a malty sweetness but no dark malt flavor. Goes great with the lunch and bar foods.

Bear Naked Brown

American Brown Ale
OG of 13.5, 25 IBU’s and 6.5% abv
Modest amounts of dark malts give this ale both its color and its roasty/toasty flavor. With a moderate bitterness of US hops and balancing full body, from 9 different malts, this ale is no gamble- its a sure bet you will love it. It compares to American classics like Brooklyn Brown and Pete’s Wicked Ale. Goes great with all meat dishes, especially a juicy steak.

Pudgy Possum Porter

Robust Porter
OG of 14.5, 25 IBU’s and 6% abv.
Like its English ancestors but with an American Craft Brewers kick: Even more roasty, hoppy and malty too. Full bodied but surpassingly smooth. Try it with heavier foods and surprisingly great with shellfish and chocolate desserts!



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