We Can Now Deliver #Progressivebeer to the Fox Valley

Ok #FoxValley, we can now deliver #progressivebeer to you.
We appreciate your patience.
We know when we announced a few partners in #Appleton a few weeks ago, we had folks from #GreenBay and #Oshkosh writing in and asking us what the heck was going on.
We heard you, but we had to get our act together first, and now our act is fully TOGETHER!
So here's what to do if you want your beer in #Neenah, #Kaukauna, #EggHarbor, #FondduLac...
Wait, is Fond du Lac in the Fox Valley? We're from #upnorth, and we don't really know. But regardless, if you're north of Milwaukee and east of Waupaca, but not north of Green Bay, we can get to you.
Ask your favorite liquor store, grocery store, bar, or restaurant if they'll carry our beer if they say YES, please have them message us on FB or email us at info@minocquabrewingcompany.com.
Because of our politics, it'll probably take that SPECIAL maverick-y type of business to stick their necks out and become our retail partner, but you know what? Those are generally the ones you want to frequent anyway.
Can't wait to get some #bidenbeer, #kamalabeer, #berniebrew, and #fairmapsipa to #Menasha ASAP.
Did we just hashtag all the towns we know in the Fox Valley? yes we did.