Governor Evers Vetoes Gerrymandered Maps with help from a Dairy Farmer

We're proud of Governor Tony Evers today for vetoing the Republican majority legislature's gerrymandered Wisconsin redistricting maps. Here's a video he made to announce his veto, and we think it's the most important thing he's done as Governor.
He protected our democracy from those hellbent on destroying it for the next ten years.
He made Wisconsin more fair and transparent.
This is what public service means, and this is why it's so so very important to have him serving as the "hockey goalie" to protect 99% of Wisconsinites from the harm the Republican Party seeks to inflict to benefit the 1%.
We're also sharing a picture that Hans Breitenmoser sent us last night celebrating Governor Evers' veto.
Hans is a dairy farmer in Merrill, Wisconsin, and an EARLY advocate for the Fair Maps movement, who helped it gain steam over the last decade by passing county-wide resolutions #upnorth advocating for what should be obvious but wasn't--fairly drawn districts that make sense to local communities.
This issue is complicated, and thus politicians SO OFTEN are able to rig maps without their constituents knowing, because it is REALLY HARD to explain to the average voter how something so boring like voting districts can affect their lives.
Hans' picture was supposed to be on this beer can label, but his head was too big (sorry Hans).
But Hans, we salute you and the thousands of Wisconsinites who rallied for "Fair Maps" over the last decade that helped elect Tony Evers as our Governor and gave him 100 confidence that he was doing the will of the vast majority of his state by saying no to cheating.